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19 Popular Australian Drinks You Should Know!

What are some of your favorite Australian drinks?

Popular Australian drinks are some of the most delicious in the world.

The country has a huge range, from fizzy to flat and everything in between!

We have so many different types that it’s hard for me to pick my favorite out of them all but I think iced coffee is one you should try if you haven’t already.

19. Farmers Union Iced Coffee

popular australian drinks
image source: Pinterest

It’s a hot summer day and you’re thirsty. What better drink than an iced coffee?

The Australian Farmers Union has just what to quench your thirst!

Iced coffees are the perfect way to cool off during these scorching days of Summer, with flavors like Caramel Cream or Butterscotch Malt!

Whenever I need something refreshing on those extra-hot sweltering days, my go-to is always going for that sweet but refreshing taste of cold-brewed coffee in delicious flavors from our friends at the Aussie Farmers’ Union.

Farmers Union Iced Coffee is a flavored milk drink that is popular in Australia, especially in the state of South Australia

18. Beenleigh rum

australian drinks
image source: vok.com.au

Beenleigh Rum is a great, authentic Australian drink!

It’s perfect for those times where you’re looking to have some fun and let loose.

Australian Beenleigh Rum is a fine drink for those who enjoy the flavor of dark rum.

It has a smoother, more refined taste than some other varieties and it can be enjoyed straight or mixed into drinks like coke-rum in your favorite glass!

Australian Beelandrum can be found in different brands, but all are delicious!

17. Lark whiskey

popular australian drinks
image source: bosshunting.com.au

If you’re a whiskey fan, then this Australian Lark is for you.

It’s smooth and easy to drink with just the right amount of spice that makes it perfect on any occasion – from happy hour at your favorite bar or restaurant to relaxing by yourself after work in front of Netflix.

Australian Lark whiskey is a high-quality drink that should be enjoyed responsibly.

Australian Lark Whiskey has been around since 1919 and has never gone out of style, but it’s only now being released to the public again after all this time – go get some!

This Australian whiskey is made from a mash of corn, barley, and rye.

It has an intense aroma with dark chocolate & coffee notes that are really unique for this type of spirit!

You’ll also notice hints of pecan pie or brown sugar cookies which is pretty cool if you’re into those types of flavors (or even just want to change things up).

16. Wattleseed Coffee

australian drinks
image source: food.com

Wattleseed coffee is a type of Australian drink that has been in the country for many years.

Australian wattleseed coffee is an aromatic, delicious drink. The Australian wattle plant produces seeds that are perfect for brewing a cup of joe.

The process to create the beans starts with harvesting and drying them in sun-dried ovens up to 18 months before roasting the dark brown beans at temperatures from 150°C (300°F) – 180ºC (~300 ºF).

This delicately roasted flavor can be brewed into either espresso or drip-style coffees; depending on preference.

Your taste buds will appreciate this little gem!

15. Tamborine Mountain Distillery (TMD)

australian drinks
image source: 7weekender.com

Tamborine Mountain Distillery is great for those looking to have a good time.

They offer the perfect solution when it’s hot outside or you’re craving something sweet and refreshing after dinner.

Tamborine Mountain distilled spirits made with pure sugar cane, giving them that crisp feel we all know and love!

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery is located in Southern Appalachia’s coal country.

It was founded by a family of Scots-Irish immigrants who settled here 500 years ago, and it has been making bourbon whiskey continuously since the 1800s when they first started brewing moonshine for their neighbors.

14. Castlemaine Beer

popular australian drinks
image source: ytimg.com

Castlemaine beer, Australia’s favorite drink.

Castlemaine is a popular Australian lager and we are proud to bring it here!

This crisp refreshing pilsner has the perfect balance of maltiness with an unmistakable Noble hop aroma.

And because this brew can be enjoyed in so many different ways, there’s always something on tap at your local pub that will satisfy all tastes.

The XXXX brand was first introduced in 1924, and the name was created to denote a traditional strong beer grading system.

13. Sobah

australian drinks
image source: sobah.com.au

Sobah is Australia’s first non-alcoholic beer company owned and run by an Aboriginal couple.

Sobah is an Australian company that has been producing a variety of refreshing drinks for many years.

They offer both beverages and fruit juices which are all very high quality, made from natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors.

The Sobah team works hard to ensure the best-tasting products on the market today!

12. Blow My Skull Off

popular australian drinks
image source: cocktailbook.com

The Australians sure know how to have a good time.

This drink is literally called “Australian Blow My Skull Off” because it can make you feel as if your head will explode from all of its delicious flavors!

Australian Blow My Skull Off is an easy-drinking pale ale with a nice hoppy bite from Citra hops.

Its aromatic and crisp notes give way to hints of apricots that are rounded out by fluffy maltiness on your palate.

This light-bodied brew has a dry finish, making for one helluva good time in the sun!

11. Staminade

australian drinks
image source: staminade.com.au

You can’t find the right type of drink in every country, are you thirsty?

It’ll be a challenge to get something that tastes like home but I think this one is close.

It’s an Australian Staminade that has sugar and flavor hints from pineapple juice as well as citrus fruits such as oranges. What do you say we give it a try together?

Staminade is a sports drink that has been around for over 50 years.

It was originally developed and marketed as an energy booster to counteract muscle fatigue, help prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), promote mental alertness, increase stamina during physical activity or competition, improve the recovery process following exercise or other exertion and provide hydration in times of intense perspiration.

This makes Staminades’ great choice for endurance athletes who are looking at competing well past marathon distance races.

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10. Cottee’s

australian drinks
image source: Reddit

Aussies love their Aussie Cottee’s drink!

It is a refreshing and delicious way to cool down in the summer. The secret ingredient is kiwi fruit, which gives it that special tang.

Plus they don’t have any sugar or artificial colors so you can feel good about drinking them all day long!

As the name suggests, this drink is from Australia and was first introduced in 1827.

It’s a blend of pineapple juice with carbonated water which results in a refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed all year long!

9. Lemon, Lime, and Bitter (LLB)

popular australian drinks
image source: chilledmagazine.com

Australian LLB is better than all the other drinks.

The three flavors that make up LLB, lemon, lime, and bitter.

This drink is Australia’s national drink.

They’re mixed with carbonated water to create a flavorful beverage that suits any occasion!

The Australian brand of Lemon Lime Bitter is the country’s official soft drink.

Its combination of sweet citrusy tang from lemon and lime juice combined with a refreshing bitterness from tea leaves creates an easy-to-drink flavor profile for all occasions.

8. Australian wine

popular australian drinks
image source: bonaffair.com

Australian wine is a drink that’s no less popular than Goon.

Wine is produced in almost every region of the country, so you can find it anywhere as long as there’s an opportunity to buy some!

Australian wine is known for its rich, full flavor.

The grapes are grown in a hot and humid climate which makes them plumper than other wines that grow on dry land.

When you enjoy an Australian red or white wine, the flavors burst onto your palate with delightful complexity and richness of texture.

7. Archie Rose gin

popular australian drinks
image source: archierose.com.au

Archie Rose Gin!

A delicious classic gin with a citrus twist.

This Australian Archie Rose Gin is the perfect way to start your evening.

It’s a great drink for such an occasion because it has everything you could want in one glass: gin, vermouth, and fruit juice!

Australian Archie Rose Gin is a premium gin with an ABV of 40% and it’s distilled four times.

Australian sandalwood, lemon myrtle, eucalyptus leaf extracts are all ingredients used in the distillation process to create this beautifully smooth tasting spirit that has won many awards including Best Tasting International Spirit at The World Spirits Competition 2017 for not only its taste but also due to how easy-drinking it is.

6. OAK

australian drinks
image source: thebrag.com

It’s no wonder Australians have such beautiful skin! Aussies love their OAK milk.

This drink has a high calcium content which helps to ward of wrinkles and age spots, making you look years younger with just one glass each day.

Plus it tastes great too!

It’s my favorite type of milk because it tastes so smooth and creamy, not to mention that I get a lot more calcium than with regular dairy products!

Australian Oak Milk is the best kind for me out there!

My favorite thing about this one is how thick and rich it feels in your mouth- definitely worth all those extra calories if you’re looking for something sweet yet filling at breakfast time.

5. Milo

australian drinks
image source: greatdeals.com.sg

You may know it as Milo, but this chocolate drink is an Australian original.

Milo is a tasty chocolate powder, which can be added to milk and/or water. It’s made from the roasted cacao bean that we use in our hot chocolates – so it packs quite a punch!

Australian milo sounds like an interesting drink because of its unique flavor profile as well as the fact that Australians have been drinking this for years now.

This famous beverage tastes best when warm, but it also makes for an excellent cold drink on hot summer days.

Made from malted barley that’s been roasted and blended with cocoa beans then mixed together with malt extract syrup before being processed into its powder form as well as other ingredients like milk solids.

How can you not love iced Aussie Milo?

4. Long Black

popular australian drinks
image source: craftcoffeeguru.com

Aussies have their own style of coffee that’s different from the United States.

The Australian Long Black Coffee is a unique blend consisting only of espresso and water, which makes it nice for people who suffer from acid reflux or want to avoid caffeine entirely.

How does an Aussie drink this?

Simply add hot milk after pouring in your desired amount as you would with any other cup!

It’s the perfect morning starter or afternoon pick-me-up because it doesn’t have any chocolate flavoring that might keep your kids awake at night!

3. Goon

australian drinks
image source: Wikimedia

Goon is an alcoholic drink that originated from Australia.

It’s made with just two ingredients: wine and beer! Mix in some fruit, like oranges or pineapples to give it a fruity kick!

The Australian Goon has been around since the early 1900s when alcohol was illegal due to being considered unsafe for human consumption at the time.

The drink was not available commercially so they distilled it themselves using sugarcane or fruit juice as their base ingredients then mixed with alcohol such as whisky or rum before drinking straight from the jar (or ‘goon’).

2. Bundaberg Ginger Beer

popular australian drinks
image source: chilledmagazine.com

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a uniquely Australian drink that has been around for more than 120 years!

Did you know Bundaberg ginger beer was invented in 1887?

It’s hard to imagine this sweet and spicy beverage having any competition.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a Queensland treasure, first brewed in 1908.

Bundaberg’s unique taste comes from its secret blend of spices and natural ginger extract.

1. Flat White

popular australian drinks
image source: baristainstitute.com

A Flat White is a popular coffee drink in Australia.

It’s actually quite amazing how much the country has influenced this beverage, even though it seems like such an insignificant thing to do so.

The way they pour the milk into their cups and mix up with these special syrups that make for some of your favorite drinks at cafes are just two ways you can tell that Australians have made all sorts of changes when preparing their morning cup-of-joe!

It’s perfect for those who want to start their day off with something light but flavorful!

The flavor will vary depending on the type of beans used in making your cup.

So if you’re feeling adventurous try out some new blends today!

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