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21 Popular Australian Drinks (Modern & Traditional)

Australia is the southernmost continent in the world. The former British colony may not have had a long drinking tradition.

But who would have thought that there was a unique and distinctive drink from this Kangaroo country?

So here are 21 popular Australian Drinks you should try.


21. Farmers Union Iced Coffee

popular australian drinks
image source: Pinterest

Farmers Union Iced Coffee is a flavored milk drink that is popular in Australia, especially in the state of South Australia.

As the name implies, the milk drink was originally a farmer cooperative and is now owned by the Lion Dairy & Drinks company.

20. Beenleigh rum

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image source: vok.com.au

Beenleigh Rum is one of the oldest rum brands in Australia. Heritage-listed Beenleigh Rum Distillery makes the drink in Eagleby, Logan, Queensland.

The rum that Beenleigh makes comes from local ingredients and a small number of imported ingredients.

19. Lark whiskey

popular australian drinks
image source: bosshunting.com.au

Lark Distillery is a popular Australian whiskey producer in Hobart, the state of Tasmania, Australia.

The distillery is named after Bill Lark, owner and founder of Lark Distillery, and was established in 1992 to produce native malt whiskey from Australia.

18. Wattleseed Coffee

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image source: food.com

Wattleseed is a seed that comes from 120 different species of Australian Acacia and can be consumed as coffee.

Wattleseed has long been used by Aboriginal people, usually by grinding then roasting and making it into a coarse-textured flour.

17. Tamborine Mountain Distillery (TMD)

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image source: 7weekender.com

Located on the Gold Coast Hinterland, Tamborine Mountain is one of the areas in Queensland, Australia, famous for being a tourist destination.

Besides that, there is also a distillery that has won the spirits and liquor award several times.

16. Castlemaine XXXX

popular australian drinks
image source: ytimg.com

Castlemaine XXXX is a popular beer brand in Australia and is made in Milton, Brisbane, by Queensland Beer Castlemaine Perkins.

The XXXX brand was first introduced in 1924, and the name was created to denote a traditional strong beer grading system.

15. Way-a-linah

popular australian drinks
image source: indaily.com.au

Way-a-linah or Wayalinah is a fermented drink native to the Aborigines made from the sap of the Tasmanian Eucalyptus gunnii or cider gum tree.

Max Allen, in his work “Intoxicating: Ten Drinks that Shaped Australia,” one of the chapters is about Way-a-linah.

14. Sobah

australian drinks
image source: sobah.com.au

Sobah is Australia’s first non-alcoholic beer company owned and run by an Aboriginal couple.

Sobah is produced in the Yugambeh area, which is often called the Gold Coast, Queensland. Sobah is also made with an original Aboriginal recipe.

13. Gumby Gumby

popular australian drinks
image source: blackfit.com.au

For centuries the Gumby Gumby plant has been used by native Australians or Aboriginal tribes as medicine.

Gumby Gumby comes from the shrub plant of the Pittosporum family. Gumby Gumby plants can grow to 7 to 8 m tall.

12. Blow My Skull Off

popular australian drinks
image source: cocktailbook.com

This Australian alcoholic drink has a unique name, namely, Blow My Skull Off.

Dating back to the mid-19th century, Blow My Skull Off is made with boiling water, sugar rot, lime or lemon, one porter ale, one pint of rum, and half a pint brandy.

11. Staminade

australian drinks
image source: staminade.com.au

Staminade is the first commercially produced and marketed sports drink in Australia.

This drink has been sold in Australian stores and retailers since the 1970s. Steric Trading Pty. Ltd. owns Staminade in New South Wales.

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10. Cottee

australian drinks
image source: Reddit

Cottee is an environmentally friendly soft drink company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Currently, the company is owned by Asahi Beverages.  Spencer Milton Cottee founded Cottee in the early 1900s or from around 1864-1944.

9. Lemon, Lime, and Bitter (LLB)

popular australian drinks
image source: chilledmagazine.com

Lemon, Lime, and Bitter (LLB) is Australia’s national drink. The cocktail drink is made from clear lemon water such as Sprite and similar, lime, and the bitter Angostura drink.

LLB is often considered a non-alcoholic cocktail due to its low content.

8. Australian wine

popular australian drinks
image source: bonaffair.com

Apart from Goon, Australian wine is also a drink that is no less popular. Wine is produced in almost every region of the state.

There are at least more than 60 wine regions in Australia. Both in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and others.

7. Archie Rose gin

popular australian drinks
image source: archierose.com.au

Archie Rose is an Australian distillery well known in both local and global markets.

The company, which has the full name Archie Rose Distilling Co., is very well known for its alcoholic beverage products such as gin, vodka, and whiskey. Archie Rose was founded in 1853.

6. OAK

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image source: thebrag.com

OAK is a pasteurized milk brand from Australia that has many flavors.

OAK was first established in 1967 in New South Wales. OAK was launched in Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria in 1998 and in Western Australia in 2013.

5. Milo

australian drinks
image source: greatdeals.com.sg

Who doesn’t know Milo?

One of the well-known chocolate and malt powder brands is usually brewed with milk or hot water.

Nestlé produces milo, and originally the drink was developed in Australia by Thomas Mayne in 1934. Milo is usually sold in powder packaging.

4. Long Black

popular australian drinks
image source: craftcoffeeguru.com

Long Black is a style of serving coffee commonly found in Australia and New Zealand.

Long Black is similar to Americano but with a stronger taste and aroma. Long Black is made by pouring double the Espresso over hot water.

3. Goon

australian drinks
image source: Wikimedia

Goon is the term for a typical Australian white wine. Wine is usually packaged in an airtight plastic bag wrapped in a cardboard box. It is an alternative to traditional wine bottling.

2. Bundaberg Ginger Beer

popular australian drinks
image source: chilledmagazine.com

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a ginger beer brand originating from Queensland, Australia.

Even though it is named beer, it contains no alcohol. The taste is very unique, the ginger taste stands out but fits perfectly with the delicious soda sensation.

1. Flat White

popular australian drinks
image source: baristainstitute.com

Flat White is a coffee drink made from Espresso with microfoam from steamed milk.

At first glance Flat White is similar to Latte, but smaller in volume and with less microfoam, therefore it has a higher proportion of milk.

Besides being derived from the colonialism tradition, it turns out that there are also Australian drinks that come from the original population.

So that if one day you visit the continent in southern Indonesia, you don’t need to be confused about trying one of the typical Australian drinks.

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