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21 List of Popular Mexican Drinks You Should Try!

Mexican drinks are great!

A Mexican drink is a fantastic way to celebrate the evening.

Some of my favorites include tequila, margaritas, and horchata; all three can be paired with tacos or enchiladas for an even bigger celebration.

Those three are Mexico’s most popular beverages- it might just be your new favorite too!

21. Café de Olla

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We love café de olla because it’s the best drink you’ll ever taste.

It is traditional Mexican, so if you want to learn about our culture and customs then this should be your choice for a hot beverage!

It has been around for centuries and it still thrives today with people using the product to make their own hot liquid beverage, just like in Central America!

The Café de Olla is an ancient recipe that dates back as far as 500 years ago according to some experts on this subject matter.

This popular cuisine remains widespread even though its inception occurred so long ago because of how delicious many find it when they have tasted one themselves over time!

20. Kahlua

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It’s Kahlua coffee time!

We’ve got a great new drink to share with you. It tastes like rich, creamy chocolate and our favorite morning pick-me-up: coffee!

The mix of these two flavors is hard to resist when it’s nice out or for your next holiday party.

We love the versatility too since we can enjoy this hot but also as an iced latte in the summertime.

Mexican Kahlua coffee is a very popular drink in many parts of the world.

It’s like regular coffee, but with an added kick from Mexican spices and flavors that are sure to put you into party mode!

19. Rompope

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Mexican Rompope is a traditional Mexican drink made with egg whites, sugar and vanilla.

Mexican rompope is one of the tastiest beverages you can get your hands on!

It contains all-natural ingredients such as eggs white, warm water, cinnamon powder and some sweetener like honey or agave syrup to make it extra delicious.

Once mixed together properly this libation will take shape into an addictively yummy beverage that’s sure to please any palate. You should definitely give it try for yourself!

18. Chilate

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Mexican hot chocolate!

Chilate is a traditional Mexican drink made from chocolate, cinnamon, rice, and brown sugar.

The best part about waking up on a cold winter morning is a cup of Mexican hot chocolate.

The rich, creamy cocoa soothes the throat and warms our bones as we sip it through those tiny straws that kids get at birthday parties.

This hot beverage is used as a drink of the Mexican culture, and it can be found in many places around the world.

17. Clamato

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Clamato, a Mexican drink made with clam juice and tomato concentrate
a popular cocktail mixer in the United States that is used primarily to add flavor or color.

Clamato contains no clams! The “clammy” taste comes from celery seeds which are added for their earthy flavors.

In 1935 Clamato began to be produced commercially, then in 1940 began to be made a trademark of Clamato beer, which was produced canned.

Clamato beer is a tomato-based beverage that’s mixed with clam juice, malt vinegar and spices.

It was originally created in the 1960s as an alternative for people who can’t drink alcohol to share during parties or gatherings.

16. Mexican Atole

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A traditional Mexican beverage, atole can be made with milk or water and is the perfect drink in a hot climate.

It’s also super easy to make: just combine corn masa flour (or regular flour) with boiling liquid until it becomes thick like oatmeal then add sugar for sweetness. Finally, enjoy!

It’s similar to hot chocolate and served in some regions of Mexico as an alternative breakfast staple or cold refreshment on blistering days.

Other variations may include cinnamon powder, piloncillo sugar cubes (or brown sugar), vanilla extract etc.

It just depends what you want!

15. Pulque

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Pulque is a traditional Mexican drink.

It’s made from the fermented sap of agave plants, and has an alcohol content that ranges anywhere between 3-8% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Pulque can be enjoyed in many different ways: on its own mixed with water or fruit juices, as part of cocktails like micheladas and margaritas someone sour creams/sugars to taste; served over ice combined with other flavors such as lime juice, vanilla extract or coffee beans for those who prefer more complex drinks.

14. Mexican Wine

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Some of the best wines in Mexico are reds, but we also love to drink white wine.

The country grows grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay that you may find at your local grocery store.

Mexican wine is amazing!

You can usually get them from any major supermarket too which is nice for convenience sake!

Mexican wine is really popular among those who typically just drink alcohol to get drunk.

It’s like a mix between tequila and beer, but it has more of that sweet fruit flavor with the dry finish.

And you can’t beat this as a summertime beverage.

13. Licuado

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This is a traditional drink in Latin America.

A licuado, pronounced ‘lee-kwah’-doh’, is basically just blended fruit and milk with some sugar added to taste stirred together until it’s completely mixed up.

This one has bananas, peaches and lime juice! ¡Delicioso!

You can also use yogurt for the dairy element to make this smoothie even more creamy and frothy!

Best of all it’s an easy recipe that you can whip up in minutes.

What’s your favorite kind of licuado?

12. Prickly Pear Margaritas

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Have you ever tried a prickly pear margarita? It has the perfect balance of tartness, sweetness and spice.

Prickly Pear Margaritas are made with three ingredients: tequila, lime juice, & agave nectar (maple syrup works too).

I love that it’s not super sweet like most other cocktails but still packs just as much punch!

These are a perfect summer drink!

They’re sweet, cooling and refreshing. Come on by for your next margarita night with friends or family to try the best drinks in town!

11. Agua de Tamarindo

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Agua de Tamarindo is a refreshing drink with an intense taste and tangy finish.

The Mexican water of tamarind has been around for years but it’s just now gaining popularity in the United States, especially during summer months when there are high levels of heat.

It can be served either cold or hot though many say that they prefer to have theirs at room temperature because this way their nose will pick up more on its citrus flavorings than if it were warm or chilled.

Tamarind ideas are typically used as souring agents to balance out rich or salty foods because they can provide an acidic flavor much more than other fresh fruits such as lemons for example!

10. Carajillo

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A Carajillo is a hot coffee drink to which hard liquor has been added.

It’s perfect for when you need something with just that little extra kick!

In Mexico, it’s common to have a Carajillo with Licor 43.

In fact, one of the most popular drinks in Mexican culture is based on coffee and this liquor that has been around since 1943.

The drink can be made with espresso or other strong black coffee mixed with licorice-flavored syrup called “Licores de Café.”

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9. Mexican Ponche

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The wonderful feeling of Christmas is just around the corner!

I want to share with you the best holiday drink, Mexican ponche or “ponche navideño Mexicano.”

People often enjoy a cup after dinner and in preparation for visiting friends.

The traditional hot beverage can be made from three types of alcohol – brandy (but not whiskey), rum, tequila – along with water, cinnamon sticks, cloves garlic mashed potatoes are also commonly added.

You’ll be surprised by how many fruits you can make Mexican Punch with, including tamarind, prunes, rosella.

Then there’s the cinnamon and sugar to sweeten it up!

It’s mixed together on stove top then served piping hot into cups that have been set out before it was ready so they stay warm through serving time while everyone gathers round the table enjoying conversations about their day as well as reminiscing over old memories.

8. Champurrado

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The most delicious Mexican morning drink is called Champurrado.

In Mexico, the mornings are cold and that can be a big problem for anyone who wants to start their day with coffee or tea – but not anymore!

The answer lies in this wonderful spicy beverage called champurrado. It’s thick like porridge.

You know what’s unique about it? It has Masa Harina or cornflour, which makes the flavor and consistency totally different from regular chocolate drinks!

You can make it with any type of dish: without sugar, with sweetened condensed milk instead – but that will change its texture to be more like pudding; some people add rice flour for an interesting smoothie-like beverage as well.

7. Chelada

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Chelada is a Mexican beer made with lemon and lime.

A Chelada, or cerveza preparados in Spanish meaning “beer prepared” is typically served as an ice cold drink.

This is a refreshing Mexican beverage with a unique taste.

Chelada is the perfect drink for you if your tastes have learned to live on the edge of traditional and modernity, as it’s both light in flavor (it has no alcohol) but still packs that sweet-spicy punch we crave when looking for something new!

Plus there are so many variations available today; from cinnamon beer, spiked limeade or even grapefruit soda – this one’s got all kinds of options waiting just around every corner.

6. Agua de Jamaica

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Agua de Jamaica is a Mexican drink made from the hibiscus flowers.

The tea can be consumed hot or cold, depending on your preference and it’s also very low in calories too!

It has been popular in Latin America for over 500 years, but it’s only recently entering the mainstream world due to increased demand and availability of ingredients needed to make this flavorful beverage.

Agua de Jamaica consists mainly of peppermint leaves, sugar cane juice, and various other herbs which are usually different every time you have one because they depend on what your taste buds find appealing at the moment or how many people there will be drinking them who don’t share similar tastes as yours!

5. Mezcal

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Mezcal is a popular distilled alcoholic beverage.

Mezcal is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from the maguey plant.

“There are many different types of mezcals, both with regional variations and differences in production methods.”

“The agave used to produce it can be cooked or roasted in an underground oven for up to three days before being crushed by hand on stone.”

Unlike other alcohol, Mezcal should be served without being mixed and tastes smoky with hints of spice!

4. Horchata

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Horchata is a traditional Mexican drink made from ground rice, cinnamon, and almonds.

It has been around for centuries dating back to the times of Hernán Cortés who introduced it into Latin America in 1519.

Horchata was traditionally consumed as part of religious rituals before fasting or other observances began but also became popular with children because some people believe that drinking horchata brings good luck on your birthday!

3. Paloma

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The drink used to be called a “Piedra” but because the Spanish word for pigeon is paloma, they changed it.

The tequila-based cocktail Paloma was once known as Piedra in English and can trace its origins back to Spain where people would say: “I’ll stone you with this glass of wine/wineglass!”

Paloma’s taste is complex, and there are sweet, sour, a little bitter and salty.

Paloma is a refreshing, light cocktail made of only two ingredients.

It’s typically tequila and grapefruit soda but there are other variations like the Cantarito which has lemon juice and orange juice too!

2. Michelada

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A Michelada is a drink that originated from Mexico.

It’s made with clamato juice, tomato sauce or ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and hot peppers to taste.

A delicious way for you to start your day off in the right direction!

A Michelada as born out of Mexican tradition but has now been adopted by many other cultures around the world because it’s so good.

It is said that the Mexican michelada was born in a restaurant called “El Tizoncito” where they served it with beer, lime juice and salt.

The common Michelada usually contains beer, lemon or lime as well salt on top of hot sauce which adds flavour to the drink!

1. Margarita

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Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in Mexico.

It contains tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice mixed with ice cubes into a chilled glass.

Margarita is a classic Mexican cocktail made with tequila, triple sec or some type of orange-flavored liqueur and lime juice.

It’s all fruit! Margaritas are delicious drinks that give you the perfect combination of sour flavors to sweet ones.

And they’re so easy to make too – just mix everything together in one shaker glass or bowl for an instant party drink recipe everyone will love!

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