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Biology Research Writing: List of Great Topics for Your Papers

Biology Research Writing: List of Great Topics for Your Papers

Biology is undoubtedly one of the most exciting fields regarding research; it is also one of the broadest. Biology research is all about researching life around us, which is why it can be quite a complex assignment. However, the good news is that the broadness of this field means there is an endless list of research topics.

To write a great Biology research paper, you must choose the “right” topic; what characterizes you as “right” depends on many things. For example, your area of interest, your audience, the type of assignment you are working on, and many more. At this point, you must have learned the correct biology research paper format to use to make your work go smoother.

Tips for choosing the best biology research topic

Knowing what the best topic for your research paper Biology is can be hard. If you need help deciding what topic to choose, here are some tips to clarify the confusion.

  • Don’t be too generic

Biology is broad; therefore, the last thing you want is a topic that talks a little about everything. Moreover, the quantity of information on that broad topic may overwhelm you and your audience; you don’t want that. For an information-rich research paper that allows you to showcase your knowledge, you should avoid general topics.

  • Expand your focus

While you don’t want to be too generic, you also don’t want your focus to be too narrow. If the topic is too narrow, it may be hard to gather sufficient information for a research paper. Also, your readers may lose interest if there are no overarching questions in your paper.

  • Research thoroughly

Research is crucial in any field because you want your paper laced with hard scientific evidence. Thus, after choosing an idea, do thorough research to find relevant and credible sources with irrefutable data to support your claims.

  • Bring something new to the table

A good Biology research paper must contribute to and add value to the existing body of knowledge. Therefore, you want to avoid Biology research topics with nothing new to offer.

Captivating topics for biology research papers

The best biology research paper format helps you and your readers understand life and living organisms much better. Below are some of the best and trendy biology research paper topics for inspiration.

Best topics for biology research papers worth considering

  1. The evolution, causes, and symptoms of Coronavirus
  2. Most common diseases in plants
  3. Theoretical foundations of humankind’s origins
  4. Human physical features: what are the genetics behind them?
  5. Drug addiction: understanding the science behind it
  6. What are the benefits, if any, of vaccination?
  7. Pregnancy in male animal species
  8. Migration patterns in birds
  9. A thorough analysis of invasive species

Cell biology topics research paper for cell enthusiasts

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease: treatment paths in cell biology
  2. Cellular technology
  3. DNA and RNA
  4. Viruses: exploring their characteristics
  5. Organization of living matter
  6. Functions of a light microscope
  7. Recovery of endangered species
  8. Epigenetics
  9. A bioethical perspective on cloning and embryo screening

Evolutionary biology research paper topics you should choose from

  1. Neurobiology and human memories
  2. DNA testing
  3. The relevance of cell studies to cancer cures
  4. The unknown future impact of steroids
  5. Hypnosis: the science behind it
  6. Is domestication of wolves possible?
  7. Genome evolution
  8. Future trends in synthetic biology
  9. The biggest threat of Salmonella

Interesting biology research paper topics that you will love to work on

  1. Primate language
  2. Asian elephants: an analysis of human speech patterns
  3. Canine domestication
  4. Species intelligence: a thing or a myth?
  5. Rate of obesity in home pets
  6. Predators and preys
  7. The negative effects of removing animals from their natural habitat
  8. Photosynthesis
  9. Ferns

Marine biology research topics for college students

  1. Fishery
  2. Pollution in oceans: toxicology
  3. A deeper study of invertebrates
  4. Marine birds: evolution and reproduction
  5. Global change: potential effects on the future ocean
  6. Aquatic physiology
  7. Climate change: what are the biological impacts?
  8. Marine ecosystems
  9. Marine invertebrates’ mental accumulation

Molecular biology topics for research that you will love

  1. The mice and the human being: comparative genomics
  2. Ethics in molecular genetics
  3. Efficient RNA-to-proteins translation methods
  4. Microarray data analysis: the limitations
  5. The aseptic technique transfection method: pros and cons
  6. How DNA/protein purification changes over time
  7. Hybridization of nucleic acid during gene cloning: what are the objectives?
  8. Can damaged human DNA be repaired?
  9. DNA restrictions and modern nucleic acid analysis peculiarities
  10. Prion disease


Choosing a good topic for biology research is all about addressing something from a fresh perspective. It’s also about discovering, showing a link between two phenomena or organisms, or potentially creating a scientific breakthrough. Hopefully, these tips and topic ideas have jump started your imagination, and you are now pumped up for work.

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